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Interior/Exterior Architectural Coatings

Ti-Pure™ titanium dioxide coatings elevate paints to the next level.

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Ti-Pure™ TiO₂ products provide benefits for many plastics applications.

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Interior/Exterior Architectural Coatings

OEMs Can Depend on Ti-Pure™ Solutions

OEMs Can Depend on Ti-Pure™ Solutions

Brighter, Whiter Appliances and Electronics

Weatherability, Optics, and Processability

Enhancing Packaging So It Works Better

Enhancing Packaging So It Works Better

Enhancing Food and Non-Food Packaging

Solutions for Medical/Personal Care

TiO₂: Critical for Producing Super Durable Coatings in Todays High-Pressure Market

The Influence of Paint Quality on the Environmental Footprint of Architectural Coatings

Packaging Selection Boosts Product Value

What Your Durability Tests Arent Telling You

Were a different kind of TiO₂ producer

Ti-Pure™ TiO₂: Creating a brighter, more durable, and efficient world.

We strive to make the world brighter, more durable, and efficient by tackling some of societys greatest challenges through TiO₂ innovation and reliability. For nearly a century, we have produced and delivered high-quality TiO₂ for customers around the globe in coatings, plastics, and laminates applications.

We invented the chloride manufacturing process, and we continue to refine it, to maximize product lifespans, minimize impact on our shared planet, and to help move our customers and planet forward.

Many coatings applicationsincluding architectural, industrial, marine, automotive, aerospacerely on high-quality TiO₂ to enable opacity, durability, protection, gloss, and bright color. Learn more aboutTi-Pure™ for Coatings.

To find the right grade for your needs, download theGrade Selection Guide.

Plastics applicationsincluding packaging, agricultural, transportation, medical, household appliances, and moremaintain their appearance and strength with the help of TiO₂. Ti-Pure™ solutions for plastics keep products looking newer, longer and resist the damaging effects of UV light. Learn more aboutTi-Pure™ for Plastics.

To find the right grade for your needs, search forTi-Pure™ grade recommendations by resin systemor download theGrade Selection Guide.

The Ti-Pure™ solution for laminates helps beautify and customize homes by adding light stability, color retention, and opacity to laminates used in flooring, furniture, and beyond. Learn more aboutTi-Pure™ for Laminates.

This TiO₂ enhances opacity and color retention for print-based applications.

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